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Franck Moreau MS
"Pourvin Light is the future of decanting wine, no need for matches or a candle. Wine Geeks - We Love It!"
Franck Moreau MS

For the greater enjoyment of red wine. Introducing POURVIN Light.

An important part of decanting red wine is ensuring sediment stays in the bottle. This is best achieved by visually tracking the sediment particles as wine is poured and ceasing the decanting at the right time. This is a far better method than trying to filter the sediment which can still find its way into the decanter or wineglass. Wine professionals and enthusiasts know this, but until now have not had an easy and reliable way to illuminate the bottle while pouring to spot the sediment. POURVIN Light is the new elegant solution; it fits over the neck of the bottle and shines a precise light exactly where it is needed. With the sediment clearly visible it takes the guesswork out of decanting.

Pourvin Light - Professional

POURVIN Light- Professional.

So who needs this? Anyone who is serious about wine and wants to make the most out of every bottle. Sediment naturally occurs in red wine. Generally aged bottles contain it, but even younger red wines can show signs of it. Traditionally sommeliers have used a candle to light underneath the bottle when decanting– but candles are messy and blow out. The POURVIN Light is AAA battery operated with a specially coloured and positioned LED which automatically turns on at the correct pouring angle. The Professional model is made of durable silicone and is used by top sommeliers around the world.

Available in RED or BLACK exclusively at www.pourvin.com

GBP £49.99
GBP £24.99

Pourvin Light - Collector

POURVIN Light – Collector was created with the wine connoisseur in mind. Hand polished stainless steel makes this a significant piece of functional art that any collector would be proud to own. Packaged in a special presentation box, this makes the ideal gift for anyone who cherishes their red wine.

Available in stainless steel exclusively at www.pourvin.com

GBP £129.99
GBP £59.99

Bringing decantation technology into the 21st century in an ingenious and sophisticated manner, the Pourvin Light is an invaluable addition to any wine lovers collection. The clever gradient-sensitive light is a boon for any drinker of fine wine. Brilliant in form and function, it has easily found a home both in the restaurant and in my home!
Banjo Harris Plane
Restaurant Manager – Attica. 2012 Gourmet Traveller Australia Sommelier of the Year
This is a beautifully crafted and presented practical device that is designed primarily to replace candles or bright overhead lights that traditionally have been used to illuminate and track sediment as it slips towards the bottle's neck while decanting.
John Jens
Wine Columnist, Western Australia
Paul 'Ed Edwards AIWS
As you learn about wine, you learn to appreciate aged wine and the complex flavours that have stimulated tastebuds for thousands of years . But, between you and the perfect glass of wine lies the tricky sediment in the bottle. Pourvin Light offers a wonderfully simple aid to separating wine from sediment. After standing the bottle for a day, use the Pourvin Light to clearly guide your pour and tilt, leaving only wine in the decanter. No more squinting over candles or peering through bottles held aloft. My new favourite wine gadget.
Paul 'Ed Edwards AIWS
Wine Educator and Director of fullbottle.net.au


POURVIN light - Professional
GBP £49.99
GBP £24.99 • Black or Red
POURVIN light - Collector
GBP £129.99
GBP £59.99